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Adding a back vent to the Raw-edged Coat
25th May 2018

In the current magazine, this version of the Raw-edged Coat appears and it includes a back vent. Here's how to add a vent to a coat or jacket.

But first for some background.....

The pattern for the Raw-edged Coat featured in the Essential Collection Book was originally designed for neoprene fabric. The style is quite different from The Unlined Raw-edged Coat that's available in the main pattern range, as you can see here.

It has parallel side seams, a set in sleeve formed of two pieces, to allow more movement in a slimmer sleeve.

If you follow the variation in the book for a coat with finished edges you can recreate the coat in linen or other woven fabric. It is still fairly loose and doesn't need a vent to be able to walk in the coat. But a vent can be a nice addition.


For this Linen coat featured in the magazine it was a necessity. I had found a fabulous stretch linen quality and I wanted to make the most of it. So I cut my coat a size smaller, added a couple of darts at the back, slimming the coat right down. To allow free movement when walking I need to add a simple back vent.

I took the original pattern back piece - the centre back is placed on the fold, to create one large back piece. Instead I added a 1cm seam allowance at the centre back so that I could insert a seam. Then I added a piece for my vent - 8cm wide and 36cm high with a slanted top as shown above.

I cut two of the new back pieces and placing the right sides together, I stitched from back neck to the top of the vent piece and down the slanted section. I then turned the open vent piece back by 1cm and stitch down.

I made a small snip at the angle on the right hand side as shown and pressed my vent to the left. I then pinned and stitch the vent in place. I completed my coat as instructed in the book.

A simple but effective way to add a vent.