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Behind the design - The Lounge Shirt
23rd September 2020

During Lockdown, the two things I wanted to wear most were oversized, easy-to-wear shapes and shirts. This style ticks both those boxes.

I already have The Box Shirt but I wanted something even roomier with a placket cuff so that it is easier to roll up the sleeves.

The width of the shirt body it extreme - it is wider than it is long. The armhole drops to just above the elbow as a result. To compensate the sleeve is foreshortened.

When worn it drapes slightly longer at the sides and swings out at the back.

I've added two breast pockets finished with a central button fastening, although of course, these are optional but they give the shirt a casual utility feel.

This style suits most light to medium weight woven shirting fabrics from cottons and linens to more fluid viscose and Tencel fabrics. Then as we move into autumn, brushed fabrics or babycord would make a cosier option.

Wear The Lounge Shirt with its sister style The Lounge Pant or alternatively The Wide-legged Trouser.

Buy The Lounge Shirt pattern here.