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Behind the design - The V-neck Shift Dress
5th August 2020

Designs often evolve from comments, queries and suggestions I receive. The V-neck Shift Dress was developed in response to feedback about the Pleat Detail Dress.

Not everyone likes a round neck and I have received queries of how to adapt the Pleat Detail neck to a V. Although I often make variations of a design, changing the neckline to that extent would ruin the overall shape.

Also extending the sleeve length on the Pleat Detail Dress has its limitations especially in larger sizes due to fabric width and also flexibility at the elbow.

So I readdressed the design of the upper part of the dress completely while retaining a pleat detail.

The sleeves are no longer grown on and are very slightly dropped to create a soft shoulder. They are cut parallel with an integrated cuff finishing just below the elbow but are easily shortened or lengthened to suit.

The way the pleat is created with the V-neck meant I could integrate the front neck facing with the main body rather than create a separate pattern piece. The result is a much neater finish to the front V. 

These changes to the top of the dress completely altered how the lower section hangs. The cocoon shape is lost. To compensate for this, the side seams are tapered to slim the silhouette.

This style can also be made up as a blouse as shown here.

The pattern pieces are folded back 60cm from side neck. This allows 4cm for the hem.