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Creating your own style
4th January 2015

Unlined Coat Pattern

Lots of us make New Years resolutions: loose weight, get fit etc. Well I would like to encourage everyone to be more confident and follow their own style.

Just before Christmas I met Sally, pictured above, wearing her cardigan/jacket version of the Unlined Raw-edged Coat. She looked absolutely fabulous; she had taken the pattern and made it her own.

For me this is one of the joys of making ones own clothes - no two items need to be the same and you can tailor clothes to suit your style. If you’re not sure what your style is: go through your wardrobe and pick out your favourite pieces and the items you wear most. These shapes and styles are what you should consider when making your own clothes.

Just like Sally it’s possible to recreate the Unlined Raw-edged Coat in your style. If you are using a lighter weight fabric similar to the wool/viscose from Ditto; treat it more like a cardigan.

Unlined Coat sewing pattern

For a shorter length, like Sally’s, I would suggest finishing your garment 62cm from your mid-shoulder point and disregard the pockets. Once you've made your cardigan, put it on and then decide how you want to wear it - it could be belted, buttoned or like Sally's, pinned. 

Alternatively you may prefer a car coat length – if so, fold your sewing pattern piece 10cm back from the overall length.

Personally I love the oversize trend, so I’ve made a long cardigan, two sizes too big, so that I can wrap it around. One thing to note if you are using this lighter weight fabric, I would recommend sewing a tape along the back neck seam to prevent the neckline form growing.  

The Unlined Raw-edged Coat

Happy New Year, experiment and be brave!