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A Designer's Workspace.....
12th December 2018

Its always fascinating to see how others work, but to get a glimpse inside one of the world's greatest fashion designer's studios, is very special indeed.

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris is housed in the building where Yves Saint Laurent set up his couture house. Various rooms are given over to exhibiting his beautiful you would expect. But it’s the studio rooms that hold some insight into how he may have worked.

To some degree they are stage set and as an observer you are kept back but ropes.

Whose toiles are this 'finished'?!

However the glimpses of his filing systems; boxes for jewels, trims and ribbons;


Shelves of labeled rolls of fabric......

Oh to be given free reign to really have a good look through!

There is some indication to how he really worked - each sketch is matched to fabric swatches as shown here.

What a resource these cataloged collections must be?

If you are visiting Paris add Musée Yves Saint Laurent to your 'must dos' list!


For more information on visiting - Information

If you can't visit but would like to learn more take a look at the Interactive Biographies


Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

5 avenue Marceau
75116 Paris - France