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Inside Out- Revealing Clothing’s Hidden Secrets
11th February 2016

Inside Out exhibition

The brilliant thing about the Internet is the access it gives you to what’s happening all around the world.

There are often exhibitions that I really want to see, but can’t visit, especially in the USA.

So I was so excited to come across ‘Inside Out- Revealing Clothing’s Hidden Secrets’ a website to run alongside a fascinating exhibition curated by Sara Hume, PhD, at Kent State University Museum. 

Inside Out exhibition

The exhibition showcases what’s inside a garment: the pockets, quilted linings, boning and labels.

It exposes and investigates the inside of beautiful, custom made clothing from the 18th, 19th and 20 Centuries.

The website, which is really easy to navigate, has exquisite photographs of the garments and the intricacies of their construction alongside the clear descriptive text.

I have learnt so much from visiting this virtual exhibition; it is truly fascinating.

The exhibition runs until the end of July 2016 at Higbee Gallery, Kent State University Museum, USA