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Make more with The Blazer pattern
29th April 2020

I made this new variation of The Blazer back in February when the world was a different place. It has a safari feel to it, although for now there is no traveling to be done, it’s a classic look.

The jacket is exactly as the pattern but with two top pockets rather than the regular single breast pocket. Then I have added buttoned pocket flaps.

I'm unsure of the fabric composition; it is fluid with plenty of drape, probably a poly/viscose mix. I used a lightweight fusible interfacing for the collar, facings and these pocket flaps.

First cut out the rectangles for your flaps. I made mine once the basic jacket was finished so that the flaps would be accurately just a little wider than the pocket bag. I added 1cm to the desired finished width so I had 0.5cm seam allowance - 12cm x 13cm for the top pockets and 13cm x 14cm for the bottom pockets. It is worth checking your finished pockets and work to around those measurements.

Fold each flap in half lengthways so the right sides are together. Pin and then stitch the three open sides leaving a 4cm opening in the middle as shown above (1a).

Turn the flap through and press. Make your buttonholes, aligned with the centre of the flap (1b).

Place the flaps above the pockets leaving a 2mm-3mm gap, pin and then stitch in place (1c).

Press the flaps down. If they won't go as flat as you wish, stitch the top corners down with a couple of hand stitches. Finally sew on the buttons. 

This style looks good belted or unbelted. I'll be wearing mine with Wide-Legged Trousers made in the same fabric.