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Make more with The Holiday Shirt - latest update
17th July 2019

Looking forward to a summer holiday? This is a great update to the Holiday Shirt.

For this variation the shirt has been lengthened to dress length with an elbow length cuffed sleeve and deeper V to the neckline.

This extended length will require 3.20m of 120 cm wide or 2.50m of 150 cm fabric. The lightweight linen fabric is available here.

Here's how to do it.....

Take your front placket piece and trace it off, extending by 5cm as shown above.

This can be obviously varied to suit where you would want your opening to finish. Lower the neck notch on the front pattern piece by the same amount.

For the sleeve, lengthen as shown by 15cm.

When cutting out your fabric also lengthen the front and back to the length you require. For guidance see this earlier Journal post here.

Follow the making instructions from the pattern until you reach the sleeve cuff. Turn up your sleeve pieces by 6cm and stitch in place. Turn back the sleeve and press.

The finished result is a great wardrobe addition you'll wear for years to come.