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Make more with the Wrap Coat Dress pattern
30th October 2019

When I found this gorgeous winter floral fabric I knew exactly what I would try....a shortened version of The Wrap Coat Dress.

This is a very simple adjustment to the original pattern but I like the finished effect.

The garment is shortened and a different form of ribbon tie used.

The same variation in vintage viscose polka dot fabric.

Instead of the ribbon fastening from the front edge to side seam it is threaded through a buttonhole to fasten at the back.

First take the front, front facing and back pattern pieces and fold back at 38cm down from the armhole. Also mark a position for a buttonhole on the left hand front 24 cm from the front edge (right hand front when worn). The buttonhole will need to be about 2cm long, just enough to feed through the ribbon.

Materials required are 2.5m of 116 cm wide or 2m of 150 cm fabric and 1.5 m coordinating ribbon cut in 2.


Fabric lay for 120 wide


Fabric lay for 150 wide

Use the fabric lays above as a guide and cut out. Make up as instructed except attach a piece of ribbon to each front only not the side seams. Before stitching the buttonhole, slip the garment on, check the position and adjust if necessary.

When worn fold the right hand front over the left and feed the left hand ribbon tie through the buttonhole. Pass the ribbon ties round to the back and fasten in a bow.


Fabric from Ditto