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Make more with your pattern - extending sleeves
1st February 2019

With the cold weather, layering up is essential and adding an extended sleeve to a jersey top is a great way to keep warm.

Dancers have often worn extended sleeves with an opening for the thumb.

In the latest magazine we featured both The Wrap Top and The Oversized T.shirt with extended sleeves - here's how to achieve the look.

Take your sleeve pattern and decide by how much you wish to extend the length. With The Wrap Dress pattern the sleeves are over long already however I still added 8cm to create a double layer for the 'glove' section when worn.

The opening for your thumb needs to start 4cm from the finished edge and be 4.5cm - 5cm in length. To mark this fold your cut fabric sleeve back at the finished length. Then mark the opening position on both layers with a small notch or tailor's chalk. When stitching your underarm seam leave the sections between the two sets of notches / chalk marks.  Turn back your cuff, lining up the thumb opening. Carefully stitch around the thumbhole: this is tricky, you may find it easier to hand stitch in place. Then stitch the hem in place.

Here the cuff is finished with twin-needle stitching.

Lightweight jersey tops with extended sleeves work for exercise classes or when you want extra under layers in really cold weather.

The sleeve can be worn under gloves, then once you've warmed up you can just push the sleeves back.