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Make more with your pattern - The Holiday Top
29th May 2019

This version of the Holiday Top sums up the idea of functional clothes for every day - our theme behind the New Utility clothing story in the Summer '19 magazine.

It's waterproof, practical but also stylish enough to wear about town, in the country and definitely on holiday!

No alterations were made to the pattern pieces but the drawstring detail at the waist has been omitted and a drawstring added to the hood.

Here's how to add the drawstring to the hood: - In keeping with the functional utilitarian feel, metal eyelets have been used in this garment but a circular buttonhole would also work.

Mark up your pattern piece for the hood as shown above. The eyelet will be positioned 3cm up on the fold line. Insert your eyelet or sew your buttonhole before making up your garment as instructed in the pattern.

To accentuate the seams a 4mm twin needle stitch was used on the right side of each seam. This helps to flatten the seams, as ironing on technical fabrics isn't always an option.

In the original pattern the hood and neck have tape covering the seams to neaten the look. However this fabric, a sort of plasticised, coated canvas, doesn't fray so the tape was omitted.

The fabric was purchased from a market stall. It was an end of line from a garment manufacturer.