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Make more with your pattern - The Pull-on Trouser
13th March 2018

The embellished trouser seam was a key feature at the recent catwalk shows and adding a ribbon trim is part of our latest pattern, The Pull-on Trouser.

Here I show you how to take it one step further by adding a fabric insert.

In the first issue of our magazine, this trimmed Pull-on trouser appeared in several different forms, as part of the sportswear inspired, 'Urban' story.

I found the orange nylon tape at a factory sale, I love the colour, but the raw cut edge doesn't suit the clean lines I wish to create.

The tape is 3.5 cm wide and I decided a 0.5 cm seam either side of the tape would be plenty and would leave 2.5 cm exposed down the side leg.

As the trouser pattern pieces have a 1cm seam allowance included, I trimmed the trouser sides back by 1.75 cm.

Place a length of tape along the front of each trouser leg side and stitch in place. With right sides together pin and then stitch in place the back leg of the trouser.

Finish your trousers as instructed in the original pattern until you get to the hems.

I think it looks smarter if the hem stitching, which will be in the main trouser colour, doesn't show on your contrast trim. So I stopped my zigzag stitch either side of the trim.

The other version of the Pull-on Trouser in the magazine also has an insert. Cutting a 5 cm wide strip of ‘aertex’ fabric created the insert. But I also added a 13mm wide, navy grosgrain ribbon down the middle.

The trimmed fabric strip is inserted in the same way as before - the only difference is that 2.5 cm needs to be trimmed from each trouser piece at the side seam.