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Make more with your pattern - The Tiered Blouse, ruffles
4th July 2019

In this version of the Tiered Blouse, the gathered lower sleeve and body pieces are attached exposing the seam allowance; this adds a further ruffle.

Ideally use a fine fabric that doesn't fray too much. Before gathering the lower sections either cut with pinking shears, lightly fray the edge or use a fine rolled hem effect on an overlocker or serger. The easiest way to achieve a simple frayed edge is to make a snip in the selvedge edge and pull out a thread from the width of the fabric. Cut along this line then fray from there.

Gather as instructed in the pattern. Instead of attaching with the right sides of the fabric together, stitch with the wrong sides of the fabric together. Press the seam allowance up and add a further line of stitching, close to the first so the ruffle is held in place.

On this V-necked version of the blouse a self-fabric ruffle has been added to the neckline.

To do this cut two full width strips of fabric 3.5 cm wide. Pink or fray the edges as previously suggested or if the fabric is fine enough, roll hem the edges. Join the two strips together at the shortest edge. For a double-layered ruffle cut a further strip and place on top.

Using the longest machine stitch length, run a line of stitching down the centre of the strip. Do not back stitch and leave long thread ends. From both ends pull the bobbin thread to gather the fabric strip up to the desired length. Secure by knotting the threads.

Hand tack the ruffle to the neckline, then machine stitch in place.