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Make more with your pattern - The Tiered Blouse variations
4th July 2019

This pattern has lots of scope for variation, from simply lengthening the lower body tier to multi-layering the sleeves and gathering the cuff.

In the drawing on the left the main body is 42cm from side neck with a 15cm depth of gathered tier. The Sleeve is bracelet length by reducing the upper sleeve and gathered tier to a depth of 20cm each - this can be adjusted to suit.

On the right the lower body tier has been extended to 48cm and the sleeve cuff gathered using corded elastic in the turned hem. This style works well in our lightweight linen.

Here are further suggestions for sleeve variations.

Silk Ruffle Blouse sewing pattern

For this blouse I combined the techniques from the previous journal post with the double gathered sleeve shown bottom right on the illustration.

The fabric is a lightweight silk from Beckford Silks. The fabric can be torn across rather than cut. I tore additional strips 3cm wide to add to the gathered seams.

On the lower sleeve section, chalk a line mid way; lay a strip of self-fabric over the chalk line. With the longest stitch length attach the strip, do not back stitch and leave long thread ends. Gather by pulling the bobbin thread finishing with a knot to secure. Place a length of 6mm grosgrain ribbon over the stitch line. Stitch down either side of the ribbon.  On the right you can see I added the additional trim to the seam where the lower sleeve joins the ungathered upper part.

I finished the sleeve with a final gather at the cuff. The gathered body seam is also finished with this additional trim.

I'll wear this blouse with jeans and sandals in the summer, wide-legged trousers or a pencil skirt in winter.