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Make more with your patterns - The Asymmetric Gather Dress
9th July 2018

I bought some fabulous stretch satin fabric from the recent Cloth House Warehouse Shop sale and then found this stretch ribbon from Klein’s; this has inspired another version of the Asymmetric Gather Dress.

I thought the ribbon would look good at the elasticated sections. However the stretch in the ribbon wasn't enough to hold the gathers. So I used ordinary elastic and overlaid the ribbon on top.

I felt this would be too much to have at the neck as well. So I changed the neckline to be as the Drawstring Dress neck, with contrasting corded elastic and toggle.

The elasticated sections at the back and side were created using 13mm elastic and 15mm seam binding. The stretch ribbon is stitched at either end first, and then I pulled the whole gathered section taut, as I stitch either edge of the ribbon down.

As the fabric has stretch, I decided to bring the side seams in to create a narrower silhouette. I also lengthened my dress by 10cm. I'll be wearing my dress with Spring Court sneakers to accentuate the sporty look!