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Make more with your patterns - The Atelier Coat
6th February 2019

Colour blocking can be used to visually balance out the bodies proportions. For instance if you are bottom heavy place the lighter colour at the top as this is where the eye will be drawn.

For this striking version of The Atelier Coat, three colours of Boiled Wool fabric were used. The coat has been left unlined and the sleeves are bracelet length.

First of all decided how you wish to place your colours - consideration should be given to how the garment will go together as well as how the finished article will look. Here the first line is just below the underarm and the second below the pocket. By choosing this placement, tricky construction problems have been avoided. Often the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Trace off the different sections remembering to add the seam allowance. Stitch the colour block sections together first for each pattern piece and then complete your garment as instructed.

To make the most of the colour blocking the coat has been finished with snap fasteners - this gives an uninterrupted line to the front of the coat when fastened.