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Make more with your patterns - The Big Easy Top and The Unlined Raw-edged Coat
16th August 2018

In the latest addition of the magazine, there are a couple of garments that deviate slightly from the original patterns, but sometimes those small changes can make all the difference.

For the Wild fashion story, I wanted a simple sweater shape to go with the Pleated Skirt but the Big Easy Top, as originally designed, would swamp the overall look.

However by simply shortening the body by 9cm / 3½", the overall garment takes on a new lease of life; it feels like a very different garment.

Similarly, I wanted a version of the Unlined Raw-edged Coat to take on an exaggerated, oversized look in line with this seasons fashion trends.

Instead of just going up several sizes, I manipulated the pattern as follows.

I traced off a size 10 at the neck and shoulder line, but extended the shoulder out to size 16. I kept to a size 10 collar, this makes the collar snug to on a size 12 but I was worried about the excess weight of the coat as a size 16 on a smaller frame.

To complete the transformation I cut a size 10 sleeve but shortened the length by 5cm / 2" to counteract the increased dropped shoulder.

Two new shapes for a new season.