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Make more with your patterns - The Gypsy Dress and Blouse
8th June 2016

Gypsy Tops

I’ve already made this style up in a variety of fabrics, as it’s the perfect piece for my summer look. 

But I’ve also been playing around with the neckline and adding the beading detail you see below.

To do this only requires a really simple pattern alteration.

Gypsy Top Pattern

Take the front pattern piece and mark a point 3cm along the neck edge from the front edge. Then fold back your paper from this mark to the notch, as shown above by the red line. Cut out your front pattern pieces with the paper folded back.

Gypsy Blouse pattern


When you go to make up your garment, start at the front neck. Fold back the slanted edge, as shown by the dotted lines above, by 0.25cm and press. Then fold again by a further 0.5cm and press, then stitch through.

Continue to make up as instructed in the original sewing pattern instructions. Your neck should look like this.

Gypsy Top

Now you can have all sorts of fun choosing beads and ties to make your decorated drawstring. Plan how you want your beads to be; obviously you have approximately 3cm either side of the neck edge, but you may also want a couple at the bottom of the tie.

When you come to threading through your drawstring, start by threading up the beads at one end of the tie, then thread through the neckline channel and finish with the beads at the other end of the tie.

Beaded Gypsy Blouse