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Make more with your patterns - The Madeline Robertson Jumpsuit
5th December 2018

Here's a great way to create a floaty top for the party season.

Along side your pattern you will need 1.5 metres of fabric and the trims of your choice.

The silk chiffon fabric I've chosen is too fine to take the weight of the dressing gown cord suggested in the pattern. So I substituted a simple corded elastic gathered waist.

So the trims for the version created here are approximately 6 metres of satin seam binding with 1 metre of 3mm corded elastic and 2 small tassels for the back neck closure.

First of all take the Top section from your pattern and trace off with an extension of 18cm added to the bottom. I slightly flared the side seam to accentuate the gathered effect.

Make up your top as shown in the pattern instructions. If you are doing the simplified waist as shown here, ignore the markings for the drawstring and elasticated back. Instead take a length of the seam binding and create a simple casing for the corded elastic. Feed through your elastic and gather to suit you.

I used the remaining seam binding to trim the sleeves and hem. I also bound the neckline rather than have a facing - I don't think a facing wouldn't look good with a sheer fabric.

For the back neck closure I took two small tassels and added one to each side with a zigzag stitch to secure. Once the top is on I looped on through the other and tied.

I'll wear the top over a coordinating jersey vest top.

Fabric bought many years ago at Ditto Fabrics. Satin binding from Crafty Ribbons.