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Make more with your patterns - The Madeline Robertson Jumpsuit and Dress
12th September 2018

In the latest issue of the magazine we feature this version of The Madeline Robertson Jumpsuit and Dress. Adding a contrast border is a great way to vary a style, adding a new dimension to a printed dress.

The finished depth of this border is 20cm, a sixth the overall dress length of 120cm. This dimension looks right proportionately when worn.

As the silk is lightweight I decided to double it for the border, this adds weight and makes the dress hang well. So the depth of my fabric strip, to create the border, is 42cm: 20 cm + 20 cm + 2cm - 1cm seam allowance top and bottom.

I folded back the pattern piece for both back and front skirt by 16 cm from the hem - this creates a slightly longer version than the dress shown on the pattern envelope.

With right sides together I attached the contrasting strip to the body of the dress. Then folded under to cover the seam by 1cm. Tacked in place then stitched through the seam line on the right side of the fabric to hold in place. I attached a coordinating velvet ribbon trim to cover the seam and accentuate the border.

On the sleeves I used the same 1cm deep ribbon to edge the sleeve. To make a neat finish I attached the ribbon to the wrong side of the fabric, 0.75cm from the edge, stitching through the edge of the ribbon, then turned the ribbon up on to the right side of the silk and secured by stitching along the other edge of the ribbon.

The printed and coordinating silks we featured are all from Beckford Silk who we also profiled in the magazine.