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Make more with your patterns - The Modern Kimono
11th September 2018

Originally this pattern was designed for a narrow, 115 cm width fabric; the Japanese Kimono Crepe fabric from The Cloth House. However it is an easy process to adapt the pattern for other fabric widths.

In the pattern, the sleeves and body cut as one, with the grain-line running from cuff to cuff - the stability of the Japanese Kimono crepe made this possible. But this limits the length of the kimono to the width of the fabric.

When I came across this amazing print I knew it would be perfect for a longer length kimono style.

To adapt the pattern I added a seam to divide the main body from the sleeve and moved the grain-line to run more conventionally down the body of the garment. Remember to add a seam allowance to both pieces either side of the seam. 

This meant I could elongate the kimono to 130cm length.

You can read the story behind the original pattern's development here.