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Make more with your patterns - Silk Pyjamas
14th January 2016

silk pyjamas

I’ve always wanted a pair of silk pyjamas, I can’t think of anything more decadent!

So when I found some reasonably priced, beautiful vintage silk from The Vintage Workshop, Brighton, I knew exactly what I was going to make.

Silk Pyjama pattern

For my pattern, I used The Box Shirt for the top, with the addition of a simple breast pocket. I also omitted the interfacing, as I wanted to keep my pyjamas really fluid.

For the pyjama bottoms I wanted an easy pull-on trouser shape so I used the jersey version of the Wide-legged Trouser again with some amends – here’s what I did….

pyjama pattern

I placed the front and back sewing pattern pieces side-by-side as shown.

I decided I didn’t really need a side seam and would cut each leg as one. But I knew I needed to increase the waist measurement so that it could easily slip over my hips.

So I measured the widest part of my hip, added 10cm and halved that measurement. That became the distance between point A and B. I angled pattern pieces to achieve this measurement at the top but tapered the gap down the leg. This swings each piece slightly off the grain but one cancels the other out, so the finished trouser still hangs well. Finally I straightened the hem between points C and D. Then made up my trousers as instructed for the jersey version in the original sewing pattern.

silk pyjamas

So here they are my finished silk pyjamas – they make me feel like a movie star.

But you don’t need to use silk, cotton Tana Lawn or other fine woven fabric would work just as well