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Make more with your patterns - The Unlined Raw-edged Coat
17th February 2016

Boiled wool wrap cardigan

I've mentioned shortening The Unlined Raw-edged Coat in a journal post before, but with the launch of the Wrap Cardigan Making-kits, I thought it worth an update.

Wrap cardigan pattern

To recreate the Wrap Cardigan as illustrated above, you will need a copy of The Unlined Raw-edged Coat sewing pattern and 1.90 mt of 145 cm wide fabric. Take the front and back sewing pattern pieces and draw a line across each piece 62 cm down from the centre of the shoulder. Fold back you pattern piece at this line.

Pattern Lay

Now lay your pieces out as shown above. The fabric is laid as a single layer and the paper pattern pieces need to be mirrored. To do this place your pattern piece down, draw around it with tailor's chalk, then flip the paper pattern over.

I wouldn't included the pockets in a cardigan of this length, as I think they are a bit too bulky.

Wrap cardigan

Now follow the instructions as given in your original sewing pattern. The finished garment can be belted or pinned, whatever suits your style.