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Make more with your patterns - The Utility Coat in Jersey
21st March 2019

Here's a great version of The Utility Coat re-worked in a viscose/elastane double jersey or ponte type fabric.

I decided on the round-necked version with the neckband in the same fabric as the elastane content means it will hold its shape. I doubled the depth of the collar as I wanted it to sit higher in this version or to be able to fold the collar down..

To do this I altered the collar pattern pieceĀ as shown in the illustration above.

Instead of the drawstring detailing I chose elastic for the gathering. As this fabric won't fray, I cut a strip of self-fabric to form the casing for the waist instead of using tape.

When it came to the construction, I kept to the instructions except for the drawstring buttonholes, which I omitted. Also when folding back of the front facing I increased this folding back in line with the end of the collar.

For the pockets I added in-seam pockets and omitted the patch pockets on the front.

Finally instead of buttons and buttonholes I used metal stud fastenings, placing two at the waist. It is a good idea to strengthen the fabric for the studs - either use a square of interfacing or woven cotton fabric. Placed each square between the front and facing so it is not visible.

The finished jacket is great for everyday wear as well as going to the gym.