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Make more with your patterns - The Wrap Dress
2nd August 2018

When I designed the Pleated Skirt for the latest magazine, I knew it would look good with a slim fitting top.

This was when it occurred to me that the Wrap Dress would make a great top.

To achieve this is really simple, just fold back the front and back pattern pieces at the length you wish the top to be, remembering to add your hem allowance.

I chose a length of 55cm from the neck point this includes 1cm for a simple turned hem.

This gave a finished length of 54cm that works well with a fuller skirt.

For a slimmer fitting skirt or flat front trousers I would probably make a slightly longer top.

For this Wrap top above and below, I also added a velvet ribbon trim. This I placed on the seam between the neck tie piece and the body, carefully stitching down both edges.