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Making more with denim
19th April 2018

Now the weather has finally improved, my go to fabric before the transition to real summer clothes is denim. So I've just added two new items to my wardrobe.

The first is a version of The Keira Fogden Dress and the second, a variation of The Wrap Dress from The Essential Collection.

With each garment I've been playing with using both sides of the fabric - my version of Double Denim!

For the Keira Fogden Dress I've chosen a lightweight 4.5 oz denim. The placket for the button back automatically uses the reverse of the fabric; it’s an integral part of Keira's design. I've also reversed the cuff pieces to expose the reverse. I opted for in seam pockets to keep the front 'clean'. To do this I cut 2 pairs of the pocket shape and used the same pocket notch as the marker for their in seam placement.

I came across some stretch denim from a previous project and realised there was enough for The Wrap Skirt from the book. As there is at least 5% elastane in this denim, I've made a fixed wrap version.

When I was placing my pattern pieces on the fabric, I butted the straight edge of the top front wrap to the fabric's selvedge edge. This gave me the idea to then fold this edge outwards on the finished garment to create a contrast stripe; accentuating the asymmetric line and length.

I stitched both the back and front wrap together following the line of the selvedge, stopping 12cm from the hem. I also stitched through to catch the edge of the back flap to the front. In this way I have been able to omit the fastenings.

I'll be wearing my skirt with a simple lightweight sweater and accessorizing with an oversized version of the Book Bag, also from The Essential Collection.