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Making more with your patterns – The Drawstring-neck Dress and Top
15th February 2015

The Drawstring-neck Dress

With all of my patterns, I try out variations around the basic style, often influenced by the fabric I’m using. One of the most versatile sewing patterns is the Drawstring-neck Dress and Top; this is a style that can work in woven or jersey fabrications and can take on a very different look depending on the fabric choice.

In the photo above the dress has been made in a silk/viscose jersey, whereas below it is in linen from Rue Herold, this gives it a more casual feel.

Rue Herold The Maker's Atelier

I also like playing around with the length, you don’t have to stick to the top and dress lengths specified - any length in-between can create a great tunic.

Tunic pattern

In this tunic I have also simplified the sleeves by continuing the line of the side-seam in a subtle curve to the shoulder.

Dressmaking patterns

Then making the armhole just ample enough to accommodate the breadth of the arms.

For this summer I’m also going to be experimenting with a drawstring at the waist to create a peasant style top.

Peasant Blouse pattern

To do this make a small button hole at the centre front 3cm above the cut line of the top, then create a channel and thread through a drawstring and you are ready to go!

Peasant Blouse pattern