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Making more with your patterns - The Asymmetric Dress
21st June 2018

I've been meaning to make an Asymmetric Dress in jersey for sometime and I've finally got round to it.

The jersey I've used here is a drapey polyester/Lycra jersey from Ditto, but it would also work in a viscose jersey. The key is the drape; plain cotton jersey wouldn't have the fluidity to make the most of the gathers.

Instead of the wide elastic suggested in the pattern, I found some 3mm corded elastic for the gather details; this requires a narrower casing. Also I wanted to add a knot as shown - this requires buttonholes to feed the elastic through.

At the neck I positioned these 2.5cm from the neck edge on the front fabric piece. For the side and back gathers I chose the mid point between the points shown on the pattern. My buttonhole is small just 12mm long and to stabilise the jersey I used embroiderer's 'Stitch and Tear' backing.

For the side and back casings I used 15mm soft cotton tape, stitching down at the very edge of each side.

I made the dress up as instructed then threaded my corded elastic through, knotting each end with a loop and trimming. For the sleeve cuffs I chose 12mm elastic to balance with the narrower gathers. I shortened the sleeves by 7cm for a more summer style.

As this jersey has plenty of stretch it meant I could lengthen my dress. I like this slightly longer length with bare legs in the summer.