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Making more with your patterns - The Holiday Shirt dress.
21st July 2015

Linen shirtdress, The Maker's Atelier

Here’s a really simple way to create a pull-on shirt dress using The Holiday Shirt and Top sewing pattern.

When the weather’s hot there’s nothing better to wear than an easy-to-wear, pull-on summer dress. So I’ve been playing around with The Holiday Shirt pattern to create just that.

Altering a pattern

My version of the shirt dress sits on the middle of my knee when loosely belted at the hip.  Take the front and back sewing pattern pieces and lengthen by 36 cm / 14” to create a finished length of 104 cm / 41”. Then make up in the identical way to The Holiday Shirt, except I omitted the slit details at the hem.

The total fabric required 3.20m of 120 cm wide or 2.50m of 150 cm fabric

Linen shirt dress

Here are two versions. On the left the dark grey in a glazed linen has a crisper feel, and on the right, the washed white linen is more relaxed, perfect for summer holidays!