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Making more with your patterns - The Holiday Top.
8th June 2015

When one of you mentioned to me that The Holiday Top could easily be adapted into a jacket, I thought what a great idea. My mother had a fabulous air-force blue golf jacket, with a similar silhouette to The Holiday Top; all very Katherine Hepburn! So I thought I’d see if I could develop a stylish sports/outerwear jacket.

Waterproof fabric

I already had some waterproof fabric from Wayward that I could line with basic cotton jersey. Also in my stash of trims I had some neon orange, corded elastic that I knew I would need one day! So that just left the zip: I found a coordinating orange, open-ended “invisible” zip at Klein’s.

Fabric pieces

I cut out the pieces for the front, back, hood and sleeves in both fabrics, and disregarded the facing pieces. Then proceeded to make the drawstring buttonholes on the waterproof fabric fronts, as instructed in the original sewing pattern.

I then made up a version of the jacket in both fabrics, leaving the center front open.

sewing hooded jacket

There is an overhang of excess fabric around the edge of the hood - this I trimmed off in line with the jacket’s front edge, see above.

Now the tricky bit: - I placed the two jackets right sides together, opened-out the zip and sandwiched each zip piece between the two fabrics on either front. I then stitched the two jackets together from the hem up around the hood and back down to the hem. I then turned the jacket the right side out, pulling the sleeves through.

To hold the jacket in place down the front of the jacket and the edge of the hood, I ran a line of zigzag stitching – see above.

elastic pull cord

Next I opened out the jacket and with tailors chalk marked where to create the channel for the drawstring – then I simply stitched this through the two fabrics. I then threaded through the elastic and knotted it with a loop.

Anorak sewing pattern

To finish I turned back the cuffs and the hem and stitched through. This is the most basic/simplest way to bag-out a garment and was successful as both fabrics are fairly lightweight. I think for an autumn or winter version using thicker fabrics, the outer shell would need to be cut half to a full size bigger than the liner.  

Anorak sewing pattern

Anorak sewing pattern