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Our latest Design Studio pattern
23rd August 2018

Today sees the launch of the second pattern in our Design Studio project - The Madeline Robertson Jumpsuit and Dress.

"My aim was to design a desirable outfit for the target market that was flattering and wearable. Something that would fit the brand’s aesthetic. From the beginning, I had wanted to make a jumpsuit for The Makers Atelier, which they had never previously sold. Jumpsuits can be both casual or formal depending on the fabric choice which allows more creativity for the home maker" Madeline Robertson

The idea of the Design Studio project is to encourage fashion students to consider the craft of making.

So much of modern design is created on a computer; the designer becomes removed from the physical making part and therefore has less understanding of materials and making techniques.

For the Design Studio project, students are asked to design a style that can be taken through to a commercial sewing pattern. Ideally the design needs to work across a variety of fabrics, suit a wide range of sizes, appeal to women of all ages and, of course, be makeable. The students are asked to produce a toile with step-by-step making instructions before embarking on a finished sample.

For the students the process expands their skills in making, pattern drafting, fabric knowledge and communication. For each design selected the student is paid a design fee and sees their design produced as a finished sewing pattern; this is a valuable addition to their portfolio and CV.

For The Maker's Atelier this project is about encouraging young designers of the future, while broadening the design styles on offer within our pattern range.

And for Madeline - "The whole project has been an insightful and rewarding experience and I really learnt about how different parts of the design process unfold in a brand"


The full interview with Madeline is featured in the latest issue of the magazine.