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Really useful tools - Japanese Hole Punch
2nd August 2017

I've been having a lot of fun with my favourite recent purchase - a Japanese Hole Punch from Beyond Measure.

It’s a great way to personalise leather or suede projects.

The jacket above is the leather jacket from The Maker's Atelier Essential Collection book.

This hand-held punch creates a single hole at a time by simply pushing down on the handle. The automatic rotary action cuts through leather or other fabrics, storing the cut pieces inside the tool, and then discarding them through an opening on the side.

The punch comes with a standard bit size, but other sized bits are available enabling you to create a variety of brogue inspired patterns.

Plan and practice your brogue design on an off-cut first; placing another layer of material underneath and using a cutting board to protect your table.

Once you have decided upon your design, mark out the hole placement with a pencil or chalk.

Then simply start punching your holes. It is a really satisfying and therapeutic process.

I used some of my remaining leather to make a coordinating sunglasses case.