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The Ribbon Necklace
3rd September 2019

This lovely accessory appears in the new magazine. Its a very simple idea but with the right mix of beads or charms with grosgrain ribbon can be very effective.

You will need -

18mm grosgrain ribbon - approximately 6-8metres (depending in the length of necklace)

A selection of large beads or charms

Thick strong thread and a sharp long needle


Thread your needle and knot the end, leaving a long tail. Stitch through the end of your ribbon and secure with a double stitch.

Concertina your ribbon and pass the needle and thread through the middle. The folds of your ribbon do not need to be perfect or too tight, a slight randomness adds to the effect. Once you have a length approximately 10cm long of concertinaed ribbon, back stich through the last fold to secure and cut your ribbon, not the thread. Add your first bead or charm and start a second length of concertinaed ribbon. Remember to secure the end as before - this stops the ribbon from slipping down the thread when the necklace is worn. After about 8cm add your second charm or bead. Continue in this manner until the necklace is long enough to slip over your head. Finish with a length of concertinaed ribbon and secure with a double knot using the tail end.

For a shorter length necklace you will need to insert a necklace clasp.

Photography - Charlotte Macpherson and Emma Croman