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The Shawl Collar Dress as a blouse
16th February 2020

This 'blouse' version of The Shawl Collar Dress in a viscose polka dot fabric has a real spring feel about it.

For clarity its not really a blouse as it pulls over the head, but when worn it feels like a blouse. 

The sleeves have been lengthened and slightly widened as shown in this previous journal post.

The finished body length is 62 cm. Fold back the dress front pattern piece 70 cm from the side neck. When making with long sleeves, an additional 1cm seam allowance is required on the front, due to the fabric width - for the detail see the previous journal post.

Fold back the back pattern piece so that the side seam is the same as the front - marked X above.

A box pleat has also been added to the centre back so the blouse flares when worn. On the pattern piece draw a 5cm extension the same length as the front pleat. As with the front a 1cm seam allowance is required on the back.

To create the pleat, stitch the two back pieces together as shown above, do not stitch across the top of the pleat at this stage. The stitch line from the back neck is extended to a point 3 cm beyond the pleat. Tack from this point to the hem. Press the seams open and line up the pleat seam with the centre back seam - press again. Stitch across the top of the pleat and remove tacking stitches.

Make the blouse up as instructed for The Shawl Collar Dress.

The front here has been finished with four small buttons - these complimented the dimensions of the polka dots.

The finished blouse took approximately 2.25 m of fabric. 

The blouse works well with the Wide-legged Trouser and coordinating accessories