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A simple crinkle top
23rd July 2020

This wonderful silk crinkle just arrived in the post from Til The Sun Goes Down. It's fluid and textural and has inspired me to make a new summer top.

Available in four colourways - Inky Blue, Slate, Powder Peach or Cream, I choose the Powder Peach.

I've worked with this fabric a few times and what I love is the way it sits when wrapped or tied. The Origami Top above shows it off really well.

For this top though I'm going for a simple V neckline using the selvedge of the fabric as a feature down centre front and back. There is a minimal amount of cutting; this top almost doesn't need a pattern.

It is made from four identically cut pieces. For a size 12 cut four rectangles, 40cm wide by 60cm long, using the selvedge for one of the long edges. Cut a curve, starting from 0 at the selvedge to 13cm, this will form the shoulder. On the non-selvedge edge, chalk a point 16cm (or half the bicep measurement plus 2cm) for the armhole.

On the selvedge edge chalk a points at 9cm for the back neck and 25cm for the front neck.

Take two of the rectangles and with wrong sides of the fabric together, pin the selvedge edge from the back-neck chalk mark to the hem. Stitch together, taking the minimum seam allowance. With the other two rectangles do the same from the front-neck chalk mark to the hem.

Place the two pieces right sides of the fabric together. Pin each shoulder. Here the stitch is across the crinkle of the fabric. I use a zigzag stitch that's narrow in width but regular in stitch length. I find this doesn't flatten the crinkle so much but it’s worth testing the stitch you like on off-cuts of fabric first.

Stitch the side seams from the armhole chalk mark to hem. Finish the armholes by hand rolling and stitching in place. For the hem I have left a raw edge as the crinkle inhibits the fabric from fraying too much.

I decided to add some small beads to the neckline. These are spaced at approximately 1cm intervals.

The top will look just like a tube when not worn but put it on and it skims the body.

It can be worn simply, loosely tucked in or wrapped by folding one point of the hem over the other at the front.

Alternatively take two points approximately 20cm apart at the hem and tie in a knot.

The back view.

I used 1.20m of fabric for a top with finished length of 59cm. This is a roomy top and would fit up to a size 16 easily. The rectangles can be increased or decreased in size for other sizes. To perfect the fit to suit, hand-tack seams and slip the garment on before machine sewing.

Fabric from Til The Sun Goes Down