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The story behind The Maker's Atelier
9th June 2014

The Maker's Atelier moodboardI've been making clothes for as long as I can remember. I love fabrics and trims and everything to do with how a garment goes together.

Last year I took two weeks off work to go and learn how to make hand-made, bespoke leather shoes with Carreducker in London. It was really challenging, but I ended up with a beautiful pair of shoes and the feeling that I wanted to do more with my making.

I work as a designer, which nowadays involves a lot of thinking, drawing and computer skills, but very rarely making. My making had been relegated to weekends. So when last autumn, Gill from Ditto, the fabric shop in Brighton, suggested I publish my own sewing patterns, it got me thinking that I might be able to bring making back into my work life. 

At the moment there is a renewed interest in home dressmaking, after many years of it being viewed as very unfashionable. Fashion patterns from Vogue and Burda etc. don't seem to have moved on since the 80's. But there is a growing group of young independent pattern makers, publishing their own sewing patterns, often with a vintage feel. But no one is publishing sewing patterns for the clothes that I want to wear.

I soon realised here was an opportunity to create something really special: if I'm going to publish patterns, then they are going to be the most stylish sewing patterns. So I did what I always do with a new design project, I created a moodboard, part of which is in the image above. It was while I was creating the moodboard that the name The Maker's Atelier came to me.