The Overshirt
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This template is for patterns with alternative styles. It is not a live product and iw used to show an alternative image in the product collections pages. 

1) Pick which collections the alternative pattern belongs to in the organisation section (right). You can change the sort of order of each collection by clicking Products > Collections in the left hand menu

2) Drag your image (just one) to the media section below.  The image size is 1240 × 1600 and should be saved via The grey background is 217/216/214

3) Save.

4) Choose the pattern to link to by clicking More actions > Custom fields 

5) Change the Product status to Active

6) Save



Suitable for all light to medium weight stretch or rigid fabrics.

Silver PU from Ditto - also available in a gold colourway, this PU fabric is very easy to make up in the stretch version.

The pinstripe shows the back detail of the woven version